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The Center for the Arts and Cultural Management brings together in the heart of BSB academics and professionals who are actively working in improving cultural management, both at the theoretical and practical level.
Professors, researchers, professionals, institutions, entrepreneurs and of course students and ALUMNI find in the CACM a place to learn, discover and design their entrepreneurial project in the cultural and creative industries, taking part in an international network.
The CACM is a forum for open dialogue and discussion, where different subjects of the cultural sector meet to discuss and share ideas about the structural changes in the field, the relevance of its organizational models and the development of its learning and teaching methods.


BSB's strategic positioning in cultural management is a long-standing commitment since BSB created one of the first training courses for cultural management in 1990, thus helping to establish the current foundations of cultural management.

The Teaching Cluster

The CACM Teaching Cluster includes the MS MECIC, the MSc Arts and Cultural Management, the specialisation Arts and Culture and the culture courses within the Master Grande Ecole BSB, offering a training program in French and English, open to the French, European and international cultural sectors.

The Research Cluster

A research cluster has proved essential to develop the work of the group's teachers-researchers dealing with the specificities of the cultural sectors in terms of managerial structures, copyright protection, a prototype economy or new forms Cultural entrepreneurship.

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Cluster

The dynamism of the creation of companies in the sector, the diversity of the profiles of project promoters, the peculiarities of the emerging economic models and the specific financing channels are all reasons to be a reference center in the identification. The study and the accompaniment of these contemporary forms of cultural entrepreneurship.


  • Continuously build and adapt the training offered to students to the extremely rapid developments in the cultural sector
  • Enrich reflection on managerial developments in the cultural sector by strengthening research and its applications
  • Detect, support and develop cultural entrepreneurship projects within the CMAC community


Around Elena Borin, director of the MSc Arts & Cultural Management, the specialisation Arts & Culture and in charge of coordinating the research group ACM, and Jean-Yves Klein, director of MS MECIC and in charge of the entrepreneurial pole, the Center for Arts & Cultural Management has 10 permanent teachers and researchers, 10 professors coming from French and international partner universities and academic institutions and more than 100 sector professionals and partners.