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Business Models Evolution in the Agri-food Sector Research Chair


Founded in April 2017 in partnership with the VITAGORA competitiveness hub, the Business Model Evolution in the Agri-Food Sector Chair has the common goal of:

  • Supporting companies in their thought processes with a view to overhauling their business models (ex. providing insight into the challenges relating to digitalisation, the digital revolution, and the repercussions for the value chain);
  • Establishing itself as a “go-to centre” of European and worldwide renown on the theme and to disseminate knowledge to students, society at large and the academic community.


Its objectives are to:

  • Set up and distribute a prognosis and series of recommendations for use by VITAGORA members;
  • Conduct applied research activity, in tandem with companies and organisations interested in pushing forward the debate on new business models, and aimed at VITAGORA members and society at large;
  • Devise innovative new teaching as a result of this work, in either initial or executive training format.


The research programme of the Chair focuses on 5 complementary axes:

  • Design of specific methodologies pertaining to the evaluation of health allegations of foodstuffs, nutraceuticals and food supplements, which have become mandatory;

  • Development of nutri-epidemiological and observational studies meant to objectivise the obtained health benefits;

  • Study of socio-demographic and hedonic determinants in the consumer’s choice of foodstuffs, as well as identification of the idea of Well-being and its evaluation through reproducible quantitative methods;

  • Managing and securing the obtained personal medical and nutritional data used for nutri-epidemiological and observational studies;

  • Patient/consumer behaviour as access to medical goods and services evolves: food supplements, functional foods, generic medicine, and delisted products.

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