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The french “Grandes Ecoles” system

French higher education includes an especially unique feature in comparison to the rest of the world. The key part of Engineering and Management training programmes are delivered by “Grandes Écoles.”

Grandes Écoles are generally medium-sized institutions (1,500-8,000 students) that combine highly selective student recruitment standards with academic excellence and close contact with the corporate world. They are authorised by the French State Ministry of Education to deliver Master’s-level programmes in accordance with international criteria. 

The Conférence des Grandes Écoles* comprises 38 such Schools of Management. BSB has belonged to this prestigious organisation since 1986. 

*The Conférence des grandes écoles is an association created under the 1901 French law comprising schools of Engineering, Management and multiple or specific higher education, all of which are State-recognised and deliver degrees requiring at least 5 years of post-secondary study and leading to a Master’s-level degree.

Membership of this association depends upon certain stringent criteria regarding set-up, recruitment procedure, teaching approach and student guidance offered.