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A double-degree obtained within the framework of the Bachelor programme : a first at BSB

A student stands out in Ireland, new agreement in Brazil

A double-degree obtained within the framework of the Bachelor programme : a first at BSB

BSB and NUI (National University of Ireland) Galway signed a double degree agreement at the end of 2017 which allowed for the first time this year a student from each institution to receive two degrees, the "Bachelor in Marketing & Business" from BSB and the "Bachelor of Commerce" from NUI Galway.

Thus Maëva Hivert is the first double BSB student to graduate within the framework of this agreement (Photo, here during the graduation ceremony at NUI Galway). "My experience in Galway has been incredible! "she confides. "The rain is no match for the welcome and kindness of the Irish people and their wonderful landscapes. NUI is a great place to study with quality courses and a great reputation. Galway is full of experiences and outings to do and re-do. I have only one piece of advice for my fellow students who are wondering about their third year: if you are tempted by Ireland, don't hesitate a second longer! "

On the Irish side, Katie Whelehan is NUI Galway's first double graduate student. In this capacity, she was awarded an award from the French government, honouring at the same time the collaboration between BSB and NUI Galway and this double degree, considered as an important initiative to prepare students for international careers.

A 7th double-degree agreement for the Bachelor's degree, direction Brazil

Moreover, BSB has just officialized a 7th double-degree agreement for its Bachelor's degree: the students of the programme will now have the possibility to study one year at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR), in Curitiba, Brazil. They will be able to obtain the Diploma em Administração Internacional (entirely in English with a compulsory Portuguese course). Beyond the economic and geostrategic importance of Brazil, Curitiba is considered the greenest city in the country and is a privileged setting for study.

This is the 7th possible destination for Bachelor students wishing to obtain a double degree, with Université du Québec (Canada), University of North Texas (USA), Hochschule Harz (Germany), Università Carlo Cattaneo (Italy), Nottingham Trent University (UK) and thus National University of Ireland Galway (Ireland).

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