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BSB launches two new MSc degrees in sync with the fast moving evolutions of the next decade

Starting in the fall semester 2017, two new MSc degrees will be available at BSB. The MSc Digital Leadership, taught on our Lyon-Confluence Campus, and the MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking will be open to 3rd year Master in Management (Master Grande Ecole – MGE) or to postgraduate students. These new all English degrees are perfectly in-line with BSB's already impressive degree choice, and will provide comprehensive training for managers able to adapt to current and future market transformations in these continuously changing sectors of activity.

BSB launches two new MSc degrees in sync with the fast moving evolutions of the next decade

An unprecedented MSc Digital Leadership degree in Europe for Management 3.0

This new MSc will be on offer on BSB's Lyon-Confluence Campus, located in the heart of the city's booming digital-ecosystem, and will benefit from an exciting partnership with Digital League, which is part of the city's French Tech base. The high-tech environment will provide exclusive opportunities for students to interact with key players in the digital ecosystem both in Lyon and at a national level. In addition, students will participate in organising digital events throughout the year, and have access to unique job opportunities as they will be in the heart of the sector.

The degree programme is designed to anticipate the radical changes in managerial practices required in today and tomorrow's technological evolution, and will provide managers with the valuable knowhow they need in order to be leaders in this new world. Its various courses are broad-based, original and visionary, making it a unique degree in Europe. Courses include Digital Sociology, Collaborative Economy, as well as substantial field work (assignments on and surveys about the digital phenomenon), to be able to truly understand the big trends and subsequently adapt to them. The degree also covers all of the fields of expertise in leadership (finance, economy, strategy, psychology), which distinguishes it from marketing oriented programmes.

Yann Truong, former Center in Technology and Innovation Management Director at Rennes Business School, is the Director of the MSc Digital Leadership and an expert in innovation marketing. He is extremely excited to work with the first group of some fifteen MSc students.

Multi-competence and professionally oriented: BSB's MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

This MSc's new director, Alexandre Pourchet, has entirely redesigned the degree programme. He is an expert in banking regulation and financial institutions business models and worked at the University of Paris-Dauphine and ESG UQAM Montreal. The MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking focuses on a quantitative approach to finance by concentrating on two complementary sectors in which there is a high dual competence demand: investment banking and corporate finance.

The MSc takes into account the fast-growing big data market and how it will impact finance in the next ten years with considerable professional opportunities. Students will benefit from the valuable knowledge transmitted by specialised academics and high level professionals (representatives of the World Bank, investment banking associates), and mini recruitment sessions will be organised in the year with various key players (banks, insurance and consultancy firms).

As part of the degree curriculum, a module will be entirely dedicated to preparing the C(hartered) F(inancial) A(nalysis) credential. An "Express Diagnosis" will also be offered: groups of 6-8 students meet on Friday and have 48 hours to present a complete merger-acquisition file or stock market launch. Moreover, a trading room will open in the 2017-2018 academic year. It will be equipped with a professional interface and twenty plus computers. The first group MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking students will be rigorously selected and come from all over the world. Some forty are expected.

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