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Covid-19: Message to parents

Letter from the Direction to the parents of the Bachelor BSB students

Covid-19: Message to parents

Dear Parents,

Following the message from the Prime Minister and the new instructions from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation communicated today, we would like to clarify several points concerning the continuation of your children's academic track in 2019-2020. In view of the situation, we are doing everything possible to adapt the educational model to enable them to continue and validate their 2019-2020 academic track.

As of March 16, all face-to-face teaching will be cancelled until further information. Students are no longer admitted to the Dijon, Lyon and Paris campuses. For your information, in accordance with the Ministry's directives, the staff present on the sites is strictly limited, with the vast majority of people teleworking.

The exams (Bachelor 1 and Bachelor 2) scheduled for this week are maintained but shifted to Thursday and Friday. They will be organized in distance learning. From March 23rd, the courses will be organized online. Your children will be contacted by e-mail to connect to the distance learning and evaluation tools.

We strongly advise all our international students, as well as our French students, to take advantage of the time between now and March 23rd to return to their family's home (if necessary) and prepare for the continuation of their studies at distance.

Furthermore, all students who are forced to end their internship or academic exchange prematurely because of this exceptional worldwide situation are assured by the School that they will be able to validate their international experience. Professional experience in telework will also be validated.

Specific contacts are made directly by the Directions with the students currently involved in internships, work-study programs or academic exchanges according to their specific situations. We regularly communicate with your children on the evolution of the situation.

This epidemic is disrupting the entire economy, our schools and the lives of each of us around the world. BSB staff is strongly mobilized to guarantee the continuity of our educational mission.

We thank you for your attention and remain at your disposal.

Best regards,

Stéphan BOURCIEU, Dean
Delphine BERTIN, Bachelor Programme Director

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