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Cultural Management: An entrepreneurial workshop with BSB and the ISBA Besançon

Mixed teams and an innovative teaching method

Cultural Management: An entrepreneurial workshop with BSB and the ISBA Besançon

At the beginning of November, BSB hosted a two-day entrepreneurial and collaborative workshop for its students in the MSc ACM (Arts & Cultural Management), MS MECIC (Specialised Master in Management of Cultural Organisations and Creative Industries) and those studying at the ISBA Besançon (Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon),one of the main partners of the CACM (Center for Arts & Cultural Management).
The workshop was led by Valérie Ballereau of TEG (The Entrepreneurial Garden), who used an innovative teaching approach bringing BSB management students and artists from the ISBA together. Their goal was to come up with original cultural ideas. Participants worked in small, mixed groups on the concept and design of cultural projects, which they presented to a jury at the end of the workshop.

11 projects were presented to a jury whose members included Elena Borin (MSc ACM Director), Jean-Yves Klein (MECIC Director) and Pierre-Olivier Michels (Manager of TEG's Incubator). Two projects were particularly lauded:

  • "Carte Blanche", presented a platform linking artists and collectors (Agathe Perrin, Sarah Lang, Héloïse Rabulliot, Etienne Pechinot, Dina Imrane)
  • "Ouvrez votre esprit" (Open Your Mind), present a board game to fight against family stereotypes (Yazmin Espino-Martinez, Amy Courtois, Sarah Audier, Julie Simonet, Jeudy Hannah).

The two teams will work with the temporary incubator within the framework of "Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Meetings" (Les Rencontres de l'entrepreneuriat culturel et créatif) on 12th-13th December. They will be able to enhance their business, take note of precious advice and receive support from a qualified professional jury. They will also have the opportunity to transform their business ideas into reality.

Les Rencontres de l'entrepreneuriat culturel et créatif are co-organised by BSB, La Coursive Boutaric and 52 Battant. This event has been recognised by many cultural entities: the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and the Ministry of Culture and Communication have qualified it as being a "Cultural Entrepreneurship" forum and one of the biggest European networks in management and cultural management, ENTAC, has certified it.

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