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A festive evening that took place on June 6 in Beaune


Last stage of the MS CIVS Tour de France : Beaune!

Created in 1988 and graduating its first class in 1989, the MS CIVS (Master's Degree in International Trade in Wines & Spirits) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. It is the oldest graduate program dedicated to the wine and spirits business in France. All this year, it took advantage of the 30th promotion's study tours across the country to celebrate this anniversary with the alumni. The final stage of the celebrations took place on June 6 in Beaune with alumni working in the region. The opportunity to measure the power of a network of nearly 800 alumni.

The 1889 Pavilion in the spotlight

The BSB School of Wine & Spirits Business (SWSB) has invited alumni of the MS CIVS to attend the final part of the festivities around the 30th anniversary of the program. About fifty of them were expected to celebrate this event with SWSB teams and various representatives of its ecosystem, within the BSB campus in Beaune.

Throughout the year, meetings were held in France with the current promotion, as part of the latter's study tours through the country's wine-growing regions (Bordeaux, Cognac, Champagne, Alsace, Chablis, Rhône Valley, Provence). Beaune and Burgundy are the last of these events, which are aimed at the nearly 800 alumni of the program.

From the vine to the vine.... including philosophy and consulting

Among the guests was Rose-Marie Ponsot, an alumni of the MS CIVS in 2014, now General Manager of Domaine Ponsot - which produces a majority of great wines and now works 95% in export. "I was born in the vineyards of the Côte de Nuits, in a family estate that has existed since 1872, I represent the fourth generation," explains the one who first obtained a doctorate in philosophy of science and epistemology at the Sorbonne before working for 25 years as a director at Mercuri Urval, an international group specializing in management consulting and head hunting.

"In 1996, while pursuing this career, I took over the co-management of the family estate with my brother, by getting involved in major decisions but without being on the operational dimensions. And then after 25 years in consulting, I wanted to get closer to the world of wine and I decided to do the MS CIVS to clarify my ideas and start a break in my career. »

Kaleidoscope training and network strength

"What did I learn from the training? Its kaleidoscope side: it deals with oenology, viticulture, the theoretical contributions of marketing and many other things, taking the time to deepen. And then there is what we bring to it: the diversity of profiles is very enriching in the exchanges between participants - the year of training of course, and then also afterwards. »

"The bonds with fellow students are unalterable, but more than that, the network of all alumni is a fantastic resource. It's simple, when I need someone - whether to discuss a specialty like business in China or to recruit - I always start by looking at the CIVS/SWSB network. "In 2017, Rose-Marie recruited Alexandre Abel, an alumni of the MS CIVS in 2012, an oenologist with 5 years' experience as Export Director in the cooperage, to assist him in managing the estate while his brother left to devote himself to personal projects.

"The MS CIVS pool is valuable, this recruitment is proof of this. That's also why events with alumni like this 30-year-old event are important - to see, meet some of the alumni, and maintain this useful link for all. Who knows if I might not take some ideas for my strategy or investments? ", concludes Rose-Marie, who is already preparing for the arrival of the fifth generation at the head of the estate.

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