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BSB welcomes Nobel Prize winner for the 10th anniversary of its Experimental Economics Laboratory

Vernon Smith will be at BSB 8th-9th November

BSB welcomes Nobel Prize winner for the 10th anniversary of its Experimental Economics Laboratory

BSB is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the LESSAC (Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Consumer Behaviour), and as part of the celebration, it will be receiving Vernon Smith, 2002 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, on 8th-9th November. The most well-known experts in Experimental Economy from across the globe, of which he is one of the founders, will be joining him for two days of workshops, presentations and rich exchanges. It is a true honour for BSB and noteworthy recognition for one of its fields of expertise that has experienced remarkable growth with its recent launching of theMSc Data Science & Organizational Behavior and Wine & Spirits Business Lab. 

Vernon Smith at BSB for LESSAC's 10th anniversary

Vernon Smith is a graduate of Harvard and professor of Economics. He has taught at Stanford and the University of Arizona and currently presides over the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University, California. He is considered as one of the founders of Experimental Economics and was the first to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics in the field in 2002.

He will be at BSB 8th-9th November for LESSAC's 10th anniversary. These exceptional two days will include workshops and presentations and will be attended by the world's leading experts in Experimental Economics. One of the highlights will take place on Friday 9th November starting at 9 a.m., when a selection of Vernon Smith's writings will be presented, followed by exchanges with the Nobel Prize winner. 

A leading laboratory in Europe

The LESSAC was created in 2008 and is a unique entity among French business schools. It currently brings together twelve members and is the biggest laboratory of its kind in Europe in terms of experimentation units. Inter-disciplinary by definition, the LESSAC makes its resources available to all of BSB's research and pedagogical components. The laboratory is also of great interest to manufacturers with its method ofanalysing consumer behaviour, as well as to businesses as regards the unprecedented input it offers in terms of taking and implementing decisions. 

In 10 years the LESSAC has carried out numerous research projects, including TWAIN, whose aim is to better understand the consequences of using new communication techniques on employee motivation (with the Fonds National de Recherche of Luxembourg), and VINPEST, an experimental evaluation on agreeing to reduce the use of pesticides in wine (with the Ministère de l’Écologie and the Conseil Régional de Bourgogne). 

An expanding area of expertise

"Behavioural Economics" is one of six areas of academic excellence at BSB and offers a new degree programme that opened this academic year. The MSc Data Science & Organizational Behavior can be done as a 3rd year major of the Master of Management (MGE), or as an independent degree. It was designed to meet growing worldwide demands in the field of artificial intelligence and is in-line with the recent recommendations made in the Villani Report: encourage multi-disciplinary skills and increase technical knowhow as regards using data that is in permanent relation to humans.

In addition, the Wine & Spirits Business Lab was created at the beginning of 2018 at the School of Wine & Spirits Business (SWSB). It is dedicated to behavioural studies in the sector of wine and spirits, from production to consumption, including evaluation.

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