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One of the world's leading specialists in experimental economics joins the School for three years under an I-SITE-UBFC contract


Since October, Uri Gneezy, one of the world's leading specialists in experimental economics, has joined BSB as an international coach. For three years, he will supervise the School's team of behavioural science researchers, with the objective of raising the level of research publications and targeting ever-increasing funding for the projects carried out. This arrival, made possible by the I-SITE UBFC funds and supported by the COMUE UBFC, confirms the growing notoriety, legitimacy and attractiveness of BSB and its research laboratory, CEREN (EA 7477), in the field of experimental economics at the global level.

A leader in experimental economics in a booming lab

Uri Gneezy is the Epstein/Atkinson Chair in Behavioural Economics, and Professor of Economics and Strategy at the University of California at San Diego / Rady School of Management. He is considered one of the world's leading experts in his field.

The Israeli's arrival at BSB underlines the School's strong rise in the field of experimental economics on an international scale, through the LESSAC (Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Behavioural Analysis), the most important experimental economics laboratory in Europe in terms of experimental cells and which now has fourteen members. The fact that BSB has welcomed two Nobel Prize winners in economics in less than a year - Vernon Smith and Alvin Roth - also bears witness to this.

Advancing research, funding and cooperation

For three years, Uri Gneezy will directly benefit BSB researchers and his experience in scientific production at the highest level. His mission is that of an "international coach": he is responsible for supervising the institution's experienced and junior researchers, to encourage them to raise the level of their research and publications. One of the long-term objectives is to be able to submit applications to the European Research Council - Conseil européen de la Recherche - European Research Council, known as the "ERC Grant", the top funding projects in Europe, and thus deploy even larger-scale research.

Another real advantage of the initiative is its cooperative virtues. In addition to the LESSAC team, it involves several researchers from the CRESE (Centre de Recherche sur les Stratégies Economiques) laboratory at the University of Franche-Comté, and invited international researchers such as Theo Offerman from the University of Amsterdam, also a leading specialist in experimental economics.

Benefit of the UBFC COMUE and the I-SITE contract

The arrival of Uri Gneezy is to be credited to the COMUE UBFC, of which BSB is a founding member. It is thanks to the UBFC I-SITE contract ("Initiatives-Science-Innovation-Territory-Economy" of the Future Investment Program) obtained in 2016 by the UBFC COMUE that Uri Gneezy is recruited as part of the "International Coach Fellowships" program. The researcher thus benefits from a three-year employment contract (part-time since he remains fully attached to his American university) established and paid directly by UBFC via I-SITE.

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