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By taking the BSB Bachelor degree you are choosing an EQUIS and AACSB double-accredited School of Management and a 3-year post-secondary education diploma   

  • 100% English-taught
  • Designed for international students with a non-French secondary education diploma or 2-3 years of post-secondary education degree
  • A world-wide recognized degree, fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education
  • Successful completion offers entry onto the Master in Management "Grande École" programme (5+ years of post-secondary education) or the job market 

Read the testimonies of some of our international students in Bachelor who share their experience at BSB

I have joined Burgundy School of Business in 2016, this is my second year here doing the International Marketing & Business Bachelor in the campus of Lyon, and things are going very well!

I knew BSB by simply searching for the best Business Schools with English courses in France and BSB appeared among the results. 

I wanted an innovative course, creative and epochal, and I couldn't have chosen better than this programme. 

I love the city of Lyon, it's one of the most beautiful European cities and it's perfect for the student life, a lot to see and a lot to enjoy here. 

My experience here made the best person out of me, both personally and professionally. So I'll invite you all to join me during this BSB journey!

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Mehdi Fadi El Batal (Morocco), Bachelor Marketing & Business (2016-2019)

I chose the school primarily for the English track in an inland European country. I was particularly interested in France and when I found the school I thought Dijon was a good place (many students and not too big of a city but not too small). I also liked the idea of an international school, as my town and high school had many international students. Lastly, I also appreciated the fact that classes are in small groups with easy contacts with other students.

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José Pablo Castro (Costa Rica), Bachelor Marketing & Business (2016-2019)

BSB offered me a friendly and educational environment that connected me with entrepreneurial and business-minded people from all over the world.

What I liked about BSB is that most teachers enabled me to create my own projects. In this way, I was more interested and enthusiastic about the work that I needed to do. 

Currently, I am launching my own company, it is a database for job offers in Amsterdam. It is a project I have been working on since the beginning of that I started with my studies in Dijon.

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Kostik Tegel (Netherlands), Bachelor Marketing & Business (2013-2016)