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By taking the BSB Bachelor degree you are choosing an EQUIS and AACSB double-accredited School of Management and a 3-year post-secondary education diploma   

  • 100% English-taught
  • Designed for international students with a non-French secondary education diploma or 2-3 years of post-secondary education degree
  • A world-wide recognized degree, fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education
  • Successful completion offers entry onto the Master in Management "Grande École" programme (5+ years of post-secondary education) or the job market 

They have recruited our students

Our support service

The Corporate and Careers Service is designed to facilitate contact between potential recruiters, students and alumni. It comprises a guidance service for the integration of alumni into working life and the publication of job offers. 

Career opportunities

The Bachelor Marketing & Business prepares our future graduates for positions in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Export:

  • Purchaser
  • Communications Project Leader
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Product Manager
  • Export Assistant
  • Export Zone Manager
  • Customer Advisor
  • Store Manager
  • Area Manager

A springboard towards the Master in Management Grande École programme
(5+ years of post-secondary study)

Tailor-made preparation for Grande École competitive entrance exams: 80% success rate.