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Master Grande École

By joining the BSB Master in Management Grande Ecole programme, you are opting for an EQUIS and AACSB double-accredited degree for graduates with 5+ years of post-secondary study.

  • Recognised in France and abroad
  • With official Master’s-level status

You will also be joining a community of 14,000+ alumni across the world!

Read the testimonies of some of our international students in Master in Management who share their experience at BSB

I travelled miles of distance from Nepal to study in Burgundy School of Business, Dijon. I can say that my endeavor is worth in fulfilling my aspirations. After completing my 7 years of job life in B2B sales and marketing, I realized the need to hone my skills with depth of knowledge in business. Moreover, I wanted to explore the European business standard and was exploring for the international business school in France. To live up to my desire, I found Burgundy School of Business that best fits my standard of dream school that offers various courses in English as well as French track. To my delight, French Language class is arranged for International students, enabling me to be bilingual and competitive in business milieu. International relationship office in BSB facilitates international students to help them settle and assimilate faster in French culture. With affordable education and living cost in BSB Dijon, I could reap the benefits and learn more than I have ever thought. Interactive classes, discussion of case study and group discussions with international students and seasoned professors from all over the world have enhanced my depth of knowledge in every sector of business. Professors here are available at most of the time to help with any doubts and questions. There are lot of opportunities to be a part of different associations in school to polish one’s leadership, team building skills and alumni networking. BSB Dijon is the one stop solution for one who want to excel in business, wine management and auditing. It has lived up to my expectation in transforming me from professional to expert. I would like to recommend this school for further study and live your dream

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Laxmi Pokharel (Nepal), Master in Management (2017-2019)

I am from Shanghai (China). I studied my bachelor degree at Shanghai Jiaotong University during my work off time from 2012 to 2014 and I chose to study in BSB since it has very good rankings (top 1 wine management programme and top 1 Management of cultural organisations programme). During my 6-month school application, BSB offered me the warmest help when I met difficulties on visa applications and other issues, even if I wasn’t yet an official student of BSB. They already helped me to find multiple solutions for me to successfully apply my visa and wipe the difficult out of the way to France. 

Though I've just started my study in BSB, I already like a lot! The professors are very professional, the courses are very interesting. The professor intended to find interactive ways to teach. You never feel boring because you are always activated.

School life is so wonderful. Not just study all the time, almost every week the committee organized plenty of events in all aspect of interesting things. We had breakfast day, melting food night, and other parties. In BSB, you will never feel boring.

At BSB, I have learned to work as a team but more importantly to work with students from other cultures and countries. Today thanks to internet, you can get a lot of knowledge but think differently is another thing, this is the biggest treasure I learned from BSB.


My advice to future student: learn to enjoy the life in campus, don’t be shy, talk with different student from different countries, have fun and enjoy your time in BSB, Dijon!

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LI Yanping (China), Master in Management (2017-2019)