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MSc Arts & Cultural Management

BSB develops a series of top-level programmes providing preparation for working life and based on cutting-edge fields of expert knowledge. The aim is to support the deep-lying changes through which the economic world is going and be able to adapt to the needs of companies.

Taught entirely in English, these programmes are available upon completion of the BSB Master 1 degree. Applications may also be made upon submission of a specific file for international candidates with a non-French Bachelor degree.


The MSc Arts & Cultural Management is a 1-year programme which aims to train future arts and cultural managers and provides them with the broad knowledge, experience and skills required to work in cultural and creative industries, both at national and international level. The degree prepares students for managerial positions in the fields of the performing arts, cultural heritage ad NGOs in the cultural and creative sector.

Strengths of the programme

An impressive international network of academics and professionals from Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium

A broad vision of the sector: from arts budgeting and fundraising to cultural project engineering and event management from an international perspective

A special focus on cultural entrepreneurship and assistance in developing entrepreneurial projects

International study visits and participation in cultural events

A close follow-up

Programme (*)


Management core courses



Arts in context



Arts & cultural management and entrepreneurship


Arts & cultural management and entrepreneurship (advanced)



Cultural entrepreneurship & territorial development


  • IELTS= 6.0 or >TOEIC=785 or >TOEFL PBT=550 or >TOEFL CBT=213 or >TOEFL IBT=79* for non native speakers
  • Holding a non-French Bachelor degree or a French Master 1 in any field 
  • Show a strong interest in culture/art


*IELTS 5.5 or equivalent is accepted for application but for a conditional admission. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent must be reach before June 30th for an unconditional admission


Middle management positions in the fields of:

  • Performing Arts: Theatre, Dance, Music, Literature…
  • Cultural heritage: Touristic sites, museums, galleries…
  • NGOs in the cultural and creative sector
  • Cultural and creative industries: media, press, films, music industry...

(*) Subject to adjustments

The MSc Arts & Cultural Management programme brought me both theoretical and practical knowledge in the cultural field in an international context. Thanks to many professors from different origins and courses of cultural diplomacy, I have a wide point of view of the arts in Europe and around the world. The theory of the first semester allowed me to have a strong cultural baggage and build a critical analysis on the different arts. During the second semester, we had the opportunity to use this theory and put it in practice through different courses and events. Some teachers asked us to develop projects or imagine new ideas, concepts or offers in the cultural field. We also had the great chance to participate in the organization of the performance Festival Excentricités, organized by the Institut des Beaux Arts of Besançon. We took care of the logistic with around 70 artists from all around the world, the communication and the press relation. It gave us a clear insight of how to organize a cultural event and how to deal with the expectations and wishes of both artists and audience.
I now feel confident and ready to start my professional life in the cultural field. In a few years, I plan on opening my own cultural center abroad and I know that I will use the knowledge, experience and contacts I have gained in the MSc.

Marion Guerre
MSc ACM student (France)