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The 10th COEUR Idea Generation Workshop

 16-21 September 2012, Wrocław (Poland)


The 10th COEUR (Competence in European Entrepreneurship) is approaching and this year we have a great pleasure to host you in Poland. Six unforgettable days are ahead of you, which we are going to spend on building a European network of young entrepreneurial people.


The major objective of COEUR 2012 is to emphasise that Europe offers a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs not  just because of free flow of products and people, but because of its social and cultural diversity.


The major goals of this years' workshop are
  • provide you with insights into Polish economy, society, culture and natural environment,
  • inspire you by examples of cross-border, multicultural entrepreneurial initiatives and people who succeeded in running their business abroad,
  • bringing students’ intercultural and team-working competence to the top, by offering stimulating conditions for team idea development including activating sport, outdoor and cultur-al sessions.
Understanding cultural and historic heritage of a particular country is also a cornerstone for successful operation of cross-border businesses. That is why – in cooperation with entrepreneurs having such experience – we want to inspire you to benefit from the multicultural competence that each international COEUR team has. You will work together in cross cultural teams with students from Germany, France, Scotland, Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands.


Finally, we want to create a parallel between business and sport. We believe that an entrepreneur – just like a sportsperson – should always seek to improve performance and try to win in fair competition. That is why we intend to introduce the COEUR 2012 Olympics, which stimulate positive competition between teams, help building a team spirit and simply are a fun experience.
This is our vision for COEUR 2012.


Dr. Tomasz Dyczkowski
Wroclaw, University of Economics


You may download the full programme as well as the application form below or seek more information on the facebook group "COEUR-Idea Generation Workshop".
The reduced student rate for participation in the workshop (full accomodation, meals and activities during 6 days) are 250EUR. Places are limited to 5 students per University.
Please send your application form to Sabine.Mueller@escdijon.eu till 1st of March 2012.