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Annuaire des professeurs



  • Département : Wine & Spirits
  • Équipe disciplinaire : Wine & Spirit Business (WS)
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Agnoli, L., Georgantzis, N. Determinants of the adoption of EO-based technologies for water quality monitoring and forecasting: An analysis of end users’ needs. Blog PrimeWater Website, 31 mars 2022, AGNOLIBlog2022
Agnoli, L. H2020 PrimeWater End Users. Virtual GEO AquaWatch Community Workshop, 21-24 mars 2022, Online, Autres pays.Lara AGNOLIConférences invitées2022
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Agnoli, L., Charters, S.J. The effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the wine consumption of elite professional wine consumers. Wine Marketing Research Symposium, 25 novembre 2021, Montpellier, France.Lara AGNOLIConférences académiques2021
Agnoli, L., Charters, S.J. The Alcohol Consumption of Wine Drinkers with the Onset of Covid-19. Food Quality and Preference, 2021.Lara AGNOLIArticles dans des revues à comité de lecture2021
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Capitello, R., Agnoli, L., Charters, S.J., Begalli, D. Labelling environmental and terroir attributes: young Italian consumers’ wine preferences. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021, vol. 304.Lara AGNOLIArticles dans des revues à comité de lecture2021
Corsi, A., Charters, S.J., Agnoli, L., Loose, S., Lockshin, L., Szolnoki, G., Ghvanidze, S., Sears, D., Velikova, N., Thach, L., Remaud, H., Beaujanot, A., Oyanedel, J., Goodman, S., Dolan, R., Bruwer, J., Fountain, J., Huiqin, M., Capitello, R. Understanding wine consumption during and after the COVID-19 crisis. An AWBR joint effort. 12th Academy of Wine Business Research Conference (online), 6-8 juillet 2021, Dijon, France.Lara AGNOLIConférences académiques2021
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