Annuaire des professeurs - Burgundy School Of Business

Annuaire des professeurs


Professeur permanent - School of Wine and Spirits Business

  • Département : Wine & Spirits
  • Équipe disciplinaire : Wine & Spirit Business (WS)
  • Axe de recherche : Wine & Spirits
Publication Auteurs Type Année
Lara AGNOLI2019
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Charters, S.J., Agnoli, L., Tavilla, V. Assessing Old World Wine Consumers' Perceptions Towards Terroir Stimuli with New World Wine Bottles: A Multi-Country Approach. 13th AAWE Conference, 14-18 juillet 2019, Vienne, Autriche.Lara AGNOLI2019
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Annunziata, A., Agnoli, L., Vecchio, R., Charters, S.J., Mariani, A. Health warnings on wine labels: a discrete choice analysis of Italian and French Generation Y consumers. 25th EuAWE Conference - European Association of Wine Economists, 23-25 mai 2018, DLara AGNOLI2018
Outreville, J-F., Agnoli, L. The macroeconomics of wine consumption and culture: A cross-country analysis. INFER-INSEEC-AAWE-LAREFI Workshop on Wine Macroeconomics And Finance, 29-30 novembre 2018, Lyon, France.Lara AGNOLI2018
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