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Annuaire des professeurs

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Cogan-Marie, L., Charters, S.J. Can wine tourism remedy poor wine marketing? The case of Beaujolais. 8th International Conference of the Academy of Wine Business Research, 28-30 juin 2014, Geisenheim, Allemagne.Laurence COGAN-MARIE Conférences académiques2014
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Cogan-Marie, L. Wine tourism in burgundy, challenges and opportunities. Wine Tourism Conference, 14-15 novembre 2013, Portland, Etats-Unis.Laurence COGAN-MARIE Conférences académiques2013
Cogan-Marie, L. Wine tourism in Burgundy – Opportunities & Threats. International Wine Tourism Conference, 30 janvier-1er février 2012, Pérouse, Italie.Laurence COGAN-MARIE Conférences académiques2012