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MSc Wine Management


The School of Wine & Spirits Business, founded in 2013, is a structure dedicated to education and research in the wine and spirits industries. Our programmes prepare graduates to become capable specialists who trade in wines and spirits, market their products innovatively and play managerial roles in all divisions of these demanding industries.

The School has incorporated three existing wine-industry programmes, the oldest of which was founded in 1988. As these programmes attract candidates from all over the world, the student body is culturally diverse, making for stimulating group assignments and class discussions.

Within Burgundy School of Business' substantial teaching body, twelve permanent faculty members dedicate themselves specifically to our programmes and are committed to excellence in teaching and generating intellectual output. Visiting lecturers from both the professional and academic fields reflect the international nature of the School in the variety of their countries of origin.

Pierre Joulié graduated as an actuary from the prestigious Institut de Science Financière et d'Assurances. After starting his career in Investment Banking, he became CFO and Member of the Board at the prestigious wine merchant Maison Louis Latour, where he worked for more than 11 years before founding his own wine trading company. He joined Burgundy School of Business in September 2012 to head the MSc in Wine Management. He is also an associate professor of Finance.

Pierre Joulié, Programme Director


The MSc Wine Management is geared towards recent graduates and students who wish to start a career in wine management but have no specific prior experience in the wine industry.

Students obtain a global vision of this unique industry, from in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the international business environment in the wine industry.

The degree aims to produce corporate specialists, with the knowledge required to sell a product as unique as wine, allowing graduates to apply with confidence for all managerial openings.

Strengths of the programme


A combination of sectorial knowledge and management skills

Immersion in the Wine & Spirits world

A rich pedagogic content provided by faculty members and professionals of the industry

A student focused approach and a culturally diverse student body

An ideal place to study wine

A world-wide professional network

Programme (*)


Wine & Spirits fundamentals courses



Wine & Spirits Management courses



Practical approach courses


Management core courses



Wine management courses



Practical approach courses


Professional Thesis


  • IELTS= 6.0 or >TOEIC=785 or >TOEFL PBT=550 or >TOEFL CBT=213 or >TOEFL IBT=79*
  • Holding a non-French Bachelor Degree (or >French Master 1) in any field
  • Interview with the head of the programme

*IELTS 5.5 or equivalent is accepted for application but for a conditional admission. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent must be reach before June 30th for an unconditional admission


Graduates from the MSc Wine Management will become corporate specialists in the Wine & Spirits industry, with the knowledge required to sell a product as unique as wine, allowing graduates to hold various positions such as:


  • Brand manager,
  • Import-export manager,
  • Commercial agent,
  • Administration and finance manager,
  • Communication manager,
  • Public relation manager
  • Wine & Spirits shop Manager

(*) Subject to adjustments

I chose the MSc Wine Management because I wanted a dual specialisation. I also wanted to build upon the international dimension of my education. As I don’t come from a wine background, the MSc in Wine Management gave me the basis I needed in the “culture” of the wine and spirits industry. The challenges, the way the market works, the key players and their roles are all fundamental parts of the industry. Aside from the educational aspect of the course, there was a lot of human interaction which I found really valuable. The real highlight of the course was the diverse student body. It was really interesting to exchange ideas together and discover different perspectives.


I currently work as Wine Manager and Assistant Spirits Manager in a large French supermarket within the E. LECLERC group. E. LECLERC is actually the number one wine supplier in France. My role has both a managerial and a commercial aspect. On the management side, I am in charge of a team of about ten people and on the commercial side, I am responsible for turnover, margins, managing lines and stock, purchasing, merchandising, advising customers, promotions, etc. These are my main duties. The wine fairs, in particular, are hugely important for the commercial success and image of the business. Without the MSc, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I got this job because of my blend of skills and I know that this programme has been a real asset in my career progression.

Elodie Goffinet (France), MSc Wine Management (2015-2016)