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BSB research

We believe the School should participate actively in the production of research material.

Our laboratory, the CEREN (Burgundy School of Business Corporate Research Centre), was founded in 2003 to coordinate the research work of professors.  On 1st January 2017 the CEREN was received "Équipe d'Accueil", EA 7477 certification from the French Ministry for Higher Education & Research.

Download the CEREN brochure and research directory

Research as part of the School's strategy

Research has a direct impact on the national and international recognition of our institution:

  • Producing and diffusing knowledge;
  • Bringing the School in line with the requirements of accreditation bodies (AACSB, EFMD) and Parent Ministries (HCERES, Grade de Master), above all by taking part in I-SITE projects since our joining the COMUE UBFC in our capacity as founding member. 

Research activity offers a guarantee that the knowledge of our faculty is constantly updated and enriched on a constant basis.  
Education through research has several objectives, such as instilling in managers a civic mind-set, providing support for businesses, but also contributing to major societal choices within its realm.

Teaching / Research / Companies

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