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The MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking aims to cultivate and develop an advanced knowledge of international business management and finance. This programme was built around the CFA requirements, providing you with the necessary skills and expertise to succeed in the challenging careers of investment banking, private equity, corporate banking and the financial advisory sectors.

If you have strong mathematical abilities and technical skills and you are looking to acquire in-depth knowledge of corporate decision-making at a global level, then this is the perfect programme for you. The course will teach you techniques to assess acquisitions, manage cash flow, engage in market risk analysis and raise capital in financial markets.

Teachning approach 
The MSc CF&IB programme adopts a uniquely designed Chrono-Diagnosis method. Working in a group of six, you will learn how to strategically analyse a public company and engage in buy-side or sell-side research roles. You’ll also learn how to compose an equity research and M&A report, and practice presenting to investment bankers in a professional environment.

CFA Certificate
By completing the MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, will be trained for the CFA Certificate, completing examinations at the end of the course and receiving the two levels of a CFA charter, which is one of the highest distinctions you can earn in the investment management profession. It shows employers a strong level of expertise and guaranteed skills in investment analysis, asset management, and ethics.

Field Trips
You will have the exclusive opportunity to attend financial and investment conferences and take other field trips to provide you with insights into the challenging yet intriguing world of investment banking. You will visit the Banque de France trading room in Paris, a multinational investment bank, and a financial institution which facilitates corporate tie ups and partnerships.


The MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking provides students with more than 400 hours of face-to-face teaching in:
– Corporate Finance & Financial planning
– Institutional markets dynamics
– Derivatives, risks and hedging
– Financial strategy
– Merger and acquisition
– Chrono Diagnosis

50 hours of corporate insights:
– Seminars and applied conferences
– Professional meetings with industry specialists


• Research Methods
• Chrono Diagnosis
• Institutional Markets Dynamics
• Financial Mathematics & VBA
• Advanced Derivatives, Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction
• Financial Strategy
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Financial & Credit Risk


• CFA Certification
• Economics for Investment Decision Makers
• LBO, Private Equity & Valuation
• Advanced Corporate Finance
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Tax Aspects of transactions and restructuration
• Professional seminar
• Banking regulation & Strategy
• Real Estate Financing
• Professional Thesis


Requirements to join the MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking: 

English language certificate: IELTS 6.0 or TOEIC 785
Duolinguo accepted: 100

French Master 1 or international Bachelor or 240 ECTS in a Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, Business or equivalent

Online application form
Oral motivational speech

Administrative fees: €100


Tuition fees for the MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking are €14,000.

This “all inclusive” rate, guaranteed throughout your course, includes the following services:

The Hub: access to school support services, Career Booster, International Coaching, Wellness Center.

Campus and Learning Center access (open 6 days a week, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays)

BSB Alumni: Take advantage of the power of our network of over 16,000 graduates

Personal support: Optional catch-ups, e-learning support, group project tutoring

Field trips (travel and housing)


MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking graduates will be able to hold various positions, internationally, in the fields of corporate finance and market finance in investment institutions and banks, such as: investment banking, financial/product finance consulting, investment sector (selling/buying side, investment analysis or portfolio management), corporate banking finance, control and cash management.