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The Learning Center is the beating heart of the BSB Dijon campus, a real “third place” installed in a glass roof, an emblematic space of the School.
This exceptional environment is perfect for studying… but not only.

The Learning Center offers a range of spaces matching the multitude of modern work and leisure practices:

Press room, reading room, video-conference room, group work rooms, career and coaching area, hub training creativity, game space, tea room, world television, relaxation room…

And of course a magnificent library with 300 seats, 35 fixed computer workstations and 25,000 freely accessible documents arranged on 500m of shelving.


Professional coaching is an integral part of BSB’s student services.

The Career Booster BSB accompanies you throughout your studies in order to define the professional project that suits you and to give you the keys to a successful entry into the business world.

Coaches and professionals from the corporate world interact on a daily basis to help you identify your passions, talents and development paths.

During your cursus, you also have access to specialised modules, to exclusive meetings and conferences and to events created to boost your employability.


It’s never too soon for great ideas! Alongside your schooling, you can start your own innovative company.

Through TEG -The Entrepreneurial Garden -,BSB guides you in your entrepreneurial project.
Each year, an average of 33 projects are supported within the two programs proposed by the TEG: pre-incubation and incubation.

For students who join the TEG, it is a unique opportunity to test their entrepreneurial skills, seek expert advice, confront reality and strengthen its network and integrate an ecosystem



For a quick and efficient search for housing, BSB offers you a dedicated platform.

With our partner Studapart, access hundreds of exclusive offers: studios, flatshares, homestays… and benefit from personalized support throughout your rent!

From applying to booking, take all your steps online on the platform. To get started, click on “Tenant space” and sign up using your school’s login credentials or your personal email address.

Book accommodation online to benefit from the Studapart Guarantee and support from a team of multilingual experts available 6/7d. 

You don’t have a guarantor living in France? It’s difficult to rent a place in France without a French guarantor, a person bringing financial security and attesting you are creditworthy. Studapart can replace your guarantor over the whole duration of your stay. 

A question ? Send Studapart an email at


In order to reduce your tuition fees, there are a number of measures that can be taken.


If you are fluent in French and have 1 year of territoriality in France, you can join a company as part of a work-study or apprenticeship contract? Know that work-study is a real vector of professional integration and an effective career booster! 100% of your tuition fees are covered by your employer and you are also paid by the company.


Timetables allow students to work in parallel to supplement their resources. Many paid missions are offered to students and the school broadcasts the available job offers via the website and the BSB application.


As a foreigner studying in France, you will be confronted with many administrative imperatives.

Visa, residence permit, health insurance, from the moment you are admitted, some formalities may be very different from those you are used to.

During your studies, you will also have to face important administrative formalities such as the setting up of internship agreements, work-study contracts, student employment contracts, etc.

Whenever you need support, the BSB team is at your side, helping you to understand, to take control and to gain autonomy and security.



Supporting our students and accompanying them through their experience of student life is important to us.

The Department of Personal Development and Support (Developpement et Accompagnements Personnels – DAP) develops educational modules designed to reinforce each student’s soft skills and to offer educational and psychological support throughout the programme.

We promote the personal development of each student, coaching them through projects and giving them the opportunity to express their personality:

  • Strengthening the student experience through participation in school projects
  • Expressing civic engagement through the ‘My Mission Lead For Change’ module
  • Practicing sports and artistic activities
  • Investing time in an association


Important: Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the availability of some services is temporarily suspended.

There are many possibilities to lunch when studying at BSB.

The school has a kitchen in the centre of the Campus with microwaves so that you can bring your lunch to be heated on the spot. There are also tables available to eat on the Campus.

The TEG (The Entrepreneurial Garden) organizes regular Lunches. Upon registration, you can order meals and discover at the same time the journey of entrepreneurs who have built up their business.

The student association “Le Dijonnais”, finds out the best addresses in Dijon to help you discover the local gastronomy and the best deals in the city. They have all the information you need according to what you are looking for. Check out their wesite.

In Lyon, don’t hesitate to take a look at the reference guide to good places to eat: Le Petit Paumé. Check out their website.

On a regular basis, the BSB student clubs organize sales of take-away meals within the school. A great way to discover original recipes in a very friendly atmosphere!

You can also enjoy the Foodtruck that comes to BSB 3 times a week. And of course, you can try out the many fast-food restaurants, sandwich shops, caterers and restaurants less than 5 minutes’ walk from the school.


A good life balance is essential for the success of your studies but also to develop good habits for your future.

At BSB, we encourage you to practice cultural, artistic or sports activities in addition to your courses.

This allows you to withdraw and to relax of course, but not only.

Through these activities, you will improve your self awareness, your awareness of others, your team spirit, your strategic sense… soft-skills that are essential for any manager.

That is why BSB has partnerships with many clubs and facilities in Dijon and why, within the Campus, you have access to a gym, a dance studio and a recording studio.