Finance – Governance – CSR


The Research Axis is intended to conduct research in the fields of governance, corporate finance, and CSR. The research carried out within this Axis focuses on different components of business management.

  • Governance: makeup and role of the executive board (human and social capital, diversity, recruitment), leaders, role or other governance mechanisms (institutions and regulations, auditors, creditors), governance of cooperative banks (administrators, shareholders)
  • Corporate finance: post-bankruptcy reorganizations, companies under financial stress, the status of start-ups, private credits and legislation, individual investors and legal protection, accounting and taxes, microfinance, crowdfunding, slow money, financial technology at the service of development, crowdfunding for biotech SMEs and related legislation
  • CSR: stakeholders’ role and impact on organization management, responsible management, labor relations, unions and competences, CSR trajectories, CSR communication, responsible innovation and social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation, CSR networks and territories, environmental challenges (energy and environmental benefits of R&D support policies, unions in territories and social and environmental responsibility, cooperative-bank clients’ expectations), societal responsibility in public organizations, and CSR in cooperative banks

The research contributes to several dimensions of the BSB mission:

  • With regard to the academic community: publications in CNRS/FNEGE/HCERES-
    ranked journals and papers in national and international conferences
  • At the territorial level: partnerships established with companies (to work on real and current company problems), to respond to needs expressed by the territory’s or national actors (Banque Populaire de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires, unions in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté [CFDT, CFE- CGC, CGT]), networks set up with local organizations (Mouves, Cigales, Chambre régionale de l’Économie Sociale et Solidaire de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, etc.)
  • With respect to students: the research is used in the teachings of the BSB programs (classes in microfinance, governance, accounting, corporate finance, responsible management, current economic and financial issues, crowdfunding, or labor relations), supervision of professional theses
  • To address civil society: round tables, op-eds, videos, blogs, by managing the content of public websites such as Baromètre de la diversité dans les conseils d’administration.


Axis coordinator
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