2021 Winter School - Burgundy School Of Business

2021 Winter School

Entrepreneurial Leadership & Creative Mindset


This 4 day-long intensive virtual module invites students to develop their personal leadership potential and better access their creative potential in their professional and personal life. The workshop concept combines modern learning methods such as experiential learning, problem based learning, elements of personal development, and a number of creativity techniques. It is built on three learning pillars: Entrepreneurial thinking, Leadership and Creativity, which are stimulated every day.

What are learning objectives of the programme?

The programme has a strong focus on personal development and soft skills. It aims at stimulating a human centered leadership based on students’ awareness of their personal strengths and unique qualities as human beings. We also build on the group dynamic to create in-depth interactions and learning from each other.

  • understanding entrepreneurial thinking & effectuation
  • being aware of my personal leadership qualities
  • learning to be a human-centered leader
  • knowing how to understand a problem and its context
  • knowing how to select and apply a number of creativity techniques
  • learning to think visually and seek feedback for ideas

Practical information:

100% Online


4 Credits ECTS


€80 per module for students from partner institutions
€250 per module for students from non-partner institution