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BSB’s mission is to train managers with insight, who can put their owns actions into perspective. In this context, research is a great path to learning as it cultivates critical analysis, structuring reasoning and seeing things from a higher perspective.

The knowledge produced by our research is aimed at the academic community by publishing in the best national and international journals in Management Sciences and Economics, at our students, but also at public and private organizations that wish to be supported in their decision-making and prepared for the upcoming challenges, as well as at civil society, since we consider that the role of our research is to enlighten the public debate.

Since 2003, CEREN, Burgundy School of Business (BSB)’s Corporate Research Center, labelled Équipe d’Accueil by the French directorate general for higher education and professionnal insertion (DGESIP) [Direction Générale de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de l’Insertion Professionnel], brings together the school’s research activities and French and international professors/researchers around six research axes related to Management Sciences and Economics.


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Research development officer
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Research at BSB is organised in six specific diverse key areas, referred to as Axes, in line with the school’s key strengths and which reflect the innovative aims of the community of national and international researchers carrying out the work. 


3 European projects

2 ANR projects

4 projects funded by the BFC region

4 projects with private fundings or other

CEREN, Burgundy School of Business (BSB)’s Corporate Research Center engages in research projects funded by the European Commission in the context of the framework program for research and innovation, the French national research agency (ANR), or the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region.

Since October 2019,  LESSAC (Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Behavioral Annalysis) is involved in the ISITE-BFC project, supported by UBFC under the “International Coach Fellowships” program. The project provides to researchers the possibility of benefitting from the operational advices of Professor Uri Gneezy, internationally renowned researchers in Economics and Strategy.

The impact of the research on organizations is also one of the CEREN objectives. A sponsorship agreement to fund a research project was signed between the banking federation Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires (FNBP) and the BSB Foundation. The project will study the models of corporate governance and finance and, the modalities for recruiting young new shareholders into the cooperative banks based on current digital processes. Another sponsorship agreement signed between Fonds de dotation Keyros and the BSB Foundation aims to fund a behavioural study on consumer mobility.

For more information, contact :

Cécile Schwetzer

National and European Scientific Project Manager

Increasing the impact of on-farm Decision Support Systems for Integrated Pest Management

IPM Decisions is a H2020 funded research project that will create an online platform that is easy to use for the monitoring and management of pests.
This platform will give farmers and advisers access to a large range of existing Decision Support Systems for their regional conditions.

Delivering Advanced Predictive Tools from Medium to Seasonal Range for Water Dependent Industries Exploiting the Cross-Cutting Potential of EO and Hydro-Ecological Modelling

PrimeWater is a H2020 funded research project that generates information on the effects of upstream changes on future water quality and quantity. […]

Regenerative agricultural approaches to improve ecosystem services in Mediterranean vineyards

REVINE is a PRIMA funded research project that aims to increase the resilience to biotic and abiotic stresses of vineyards by using regenerative agricultural systems able to favor soil health and agro-system biodiversity.

Digital upskilling in a telework environment

BSB was research partner in the DIGITUP project supported by Luxembourg National Research Fund. The objective of the project was to investigate the consequences of the digitalization of work on teleworkers during the COVID-19 first lockdown.

Promoting and understanding healthy food choices in children

Punch is a ANR funded collaborative project which aims at providing efficient proposals in order to favor healthier eating behavior in children (3 months-11 years), beyond traditional approaches based on health-related information. Eating behavior will be studied in qualitative (“what” is eaten) and quantitative (“how much” is eaten) terms.

Green Innovation: Creativity, Risk and Social Context

GrICRiS is a ANR funded research project that will propose new ways of incorporating behavioral arguments in the creativity-innovation channel related to green products and services.

Projets funded by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (BFC) region

Coops – Cooperatives in BFC (bank, wine, ..): recommenda-tions and reflection on governance and CSR.

Defi-env – Influential actors in the consideration of environmental challenges by organisations: customers, trade unions, institutions and regulations.

Covid-ent – Business resilience to the Covid-19 crisis and public support.

Crowdfund – Success of crowdfunding platforms: communication and community

Burgundy School of Business Research Ethics Committee


The Burgundy School of Business Research Ethics Committee (CER-BSB) is intended to promote ethical reflection in research practices, to assist principal investigators (PIs) in this regard, and to issue, at the request of the PIs, formal research ethics approvals for the realisation of any research protocol in Social Sciences and Humanities involving human participants or personal data. Any BSB researcher can apply to the CER-BSB for review and research ethics approval. Any person who undertakes research at BSB involving studying human subjects may refer to the CER-BSB to obtain a formal research ethics approval and/or recommendations on the ethical issues raised by said research.

Supports and procedures

1st step : Fill in Research Ethics Initial Checklist**

Responses to this questionnaire will determine immediately if the researcher will need to submit a full application for ethics approval to the BSB Ethics Committee.

If you have answered NO to all the questions in the research Ethics Initial Checklist, the completion of the questionnaire is sufficient. Your study is automatically approved and can start immediately.

2nd Step : In all other cases, you will need to submit a full application form for ethics approval to the BSB Ethics Committee.

Two reviewers will review your application in a 2-weeks-period. If both reviewers approve the application, you are notified, and you can proceed with your study.

If not, a third reviewer will review the project within a further 2 weeks. Applicants will be notified of the Ethics Committee’s decision as soon as possible after the reviewing process in writing.

*For the evaluation of ethical issues that may arise in other fields of research than those within the competence of the CER-BSB, please contact the UBFC Ethical Committee for Research (UBFC ECR).

** Teacher portal on E-CAMPUS, icon Research Ethics Committee

For any request for an opinion from the Committee on the ethical issues raised by a research project or a specific research protocol please fill the Advice Contact Form.

Please declare all your research using personal data to the Data Protection Officer by email:

Researchers should also obtain informed Consent Form from each participant in the study.