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Full time ou part time

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International Students, learn everything about our MSc Grenn Tech & Sustainable Societies


While existing technologies have yet to help solve the earth’s environmental challenges, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the proliferation of big data hold enormous promises to help the humanity achieve more sustainable and inclusive societies.
The MSc Green Tech & Sustainable Societies aims to prepare students to become responsible leaders of tomorrow’s world.

Joining the MSc Green Tech, you will join an innovative learning ecosystem that will enable you to think critically, using both your hard and soft skills to enact the purpose and the logic of success of sustainable and inclusive enterprises. You will learn how to evaluate and design practices, technologies, and systems that bring sustainable solutions to communities and organisations.

Teaching approach 
The MSc Green Tech teaching methods will adopt a very hands-on perspective of skill and knowledge acquisition. You will take part in interactive discussions with instructors and experts, case studies of contemporary organisations and phenomena, outdoor activities (conferences, seminars, exploration of social events, and participation to professional events).

High employability rate
Future managers of sustainable green tech enterprises are expected to have strong background in the understanding of sustainability, the historical and political as well as socioeconomic context. Advanced skills in green tech management and green tech knowledge is also required. According to a report from PwC, the green sector is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade and offer great employment opportunities to graduates who specialise in this field.


The MSc Green Tech & Sustainable Societies comprises 400 hours of teaching and is organised to cover these three dimensions:
1- Sustainability in context
2 – Green Tech management
3 – Sustainable Innovation

The programme is structured around core courses based on a combination of learning-by-doing activities, projects and challenges. You will be be able to conduct many field-work projects, attend professional conferences, collaborate with other institutions, participate in a multidisciplinary hackathon, and participate in the organisation of green tech events.


Core courses: 192 hours
• Sustainable developement policies
• Sociology of global development and sustainability
• Culture and Sustainable developement
• Corporate social and environmental responsibility
• Creativity and innovation management
• Sustainable consumption
• Managing NGOs


MSc advanced courses: 224 hours
• Environmental resources management and production economics
• Green and sustainable finance
• Environmental communications
• Ethics of technology
• Sustainable entrepreneurship and green tech challenge
• Green tech field trip


Academic requirements

French Master 1 or international Bachelor or 240 ECTS in any field

Language requirements

IELTS: 6.0 or TOEIC: 750
Duolingo accepted: 95


1. Online Application

To apply for this programme, simply create your online account and application file and fill in all the required information and documents listed here.

Prior to submitting your online application, you will be asked to pay the non-refundable application fee of €100.

You can submit your application as soon as your application is complete and payment of application fee is made.

If your application is eligible, we will invite you to a motivation interview within a few days.

– Curriculum vitae
– Cover letter
– Copy of your last diploma or certificate of current schooling
– Language level certificates
– Photocopy of your passport or national identity card
– Letters of recommendation if you have some

2. Motivation interview

You will have the opportunity to express your motivation and ambition during a 20 to 30-minutes online interview. To ensure equal opportunities, this interview is a one-way online video interview, regardless of your nationality or place of residence, and can be conducted at your convenience within a period of 3 days.

During this interview, we encourage you to share your motivation but also your ambitions, experiences and expectations.

3. Deadlines

Applications are open until July 1st.  

As we offer rolling admissions, we advise you to apply as soon as possible to have time to complete any visa procedures and to prepare for your arrival in France.

All students admitted to BSB will be considered eligible for a scholarship, 60% of which will be assigned by March 30.
Be sure to get your application in now!


Tuition fees for the MSc Green Tech & Sustainable Societies are €14,000.

This “all inclusive” rate, guaranteed throughout your course, includes the following services:

The Hub: access to school support services, Career Booster, International Coaching, Wellness Center.

Campus and Learning Center access (open 6 days a week, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays)

BSB Alumni: Take advantage of the power of our network of over 16,000 graduates

Personal support: Optional catch-ups, e-learning support, group project tutoring

Field trips

Field trips (travel and housing)


BSB offers over 60 scholarships from 25% to 50% reduction on the 1st year of studies for international talented students.


Career opportunities after the MSc Green Tech & Sustainable Societies
– Green Tech Business founder
– Sustainable Entrepreneur
– Environmental management advisor
– Environmental communications officer
– Sustainability Program coordinator
– Environmental Public Relations specialist
– Environmental economist
– Sustainability Specialist