A €10,000 FUND CREATED FOR STUDENTS - Burgundy School Of Business


30 to 40 special scholarships allocated by the BSB Foundation in response to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as a series of support initiatives

In the exceptional circumstances created by the COVID-19 crisis, the BSB Foundation is taking the necessary steps to make available a €10,000 solidarity fund that will make it possible to finance “helping hand” scholarships for those students especially affected by the crisis. 

A large number of our students are living in difficult financial conditions that have been made worse by the situation created by COVID-19”, explains Sophie Pouchet-Pellerin, Head of the BSB Foundation. “Some have even had to suspend or cancel entirely an internship, meaning the end of any associated financial reward, whilst others have had to spend large amounts of money on flights in order to return to France from internships or exchanges abroad. Many students are also suffering from the knock-on effects of COVID-19 on family budgets that were the primary source of finance for their studies, as a result of partial unemployment or the closure of some companies, for example.”

Consequently, 30-40 “helping hand” scholarships of a maximum value of €5,000 each will be made available, the amount varying according to the personal situation of each student. Applications must be made by 5th May, regardless of the programme and nationality of the applicant and regardless of their already receiving a French state scholarship or not. Two requirements must be met: no prior appearance before a BSB Disciplinary Council and no previous receipt of other scholarships awarded by the School. 

Unfailing commitment and support initiatives

Every year we allocate an average of around 40 scholarships to our students, be they “helping hand”, excellence or merit-based ones, amounting to €180,000,” adds Sophie Pouchet-Pellerin. “In 2020, almost €325,000 of scholarships will be awarded, two thirds of which will be on 15 excellence scholarships and 5 business incubation scholarships, meaning that the additional €100,000 made available for the 30-40 extra scholarships are directly related to the current crisis situation.”

These scholarships are of vital importance to BSB students”, specifies Bruno Duchesne, President of the BSB Foundation and Chief Executive of the Banque Populaire Bourgogne – Franche-Comté. “We are duty-bound to help these talented young students complete their studies in the best possible circumstances. Our commitment to them must be unfailing.” It is precisely this desire that drives the Foundation’s sponsorship scheme funded by BSB alumni, companies, and collaborators who every year support the structure financially via their generous donations.

In these unprecedented times, the BSB values of solidarity and mutual aid can only be upheld with strength and determination. It is entirely normal that the current crisis lead the School to make extra efforts in the form of solidarity initiatives under the moniker “Act for Change”, of which this fund is just one result.

About the BSB Foundation
: founded in 2014, the BSB Foundation supports development of the School by assisting projects of general interest based on three cornerstones: Excellence (building the future of BSB by supporting teaching innovation, academic excellence, applied research and international outreach); Equality (contributing to the social and societal commitment undertaken by BSB by helping students and promoting diversity); and Entrepreneurship (encouraging the spirit of enterprise within students, alumni, and associations in order to support high-impact projects).

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