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Excellence, merit, “a helping hand”: the School’s commitment to financially supporting its students strengthened this year

In keeping with its strong commitment to the equality of opportunity, solidarity and merit, BSB is this year re-affirming its support in terms of student financial support, especially in light of the difficult situation created by the COVID-19-generated economic climate. 

As a result, 55 “helping hand” scholarships were awarded in June to students in difficulty. 50 excellence scholarships were attributed to the best 50 applicants accepted for BCE preparatory class competitive entrance exams and 4 merit scholarships were allocated to 4 future MBA Wine & Spirits Business participants.

A €100,000€ solidarity fund for 55 “helping hand” scholarships

As soon as it became clear that the COVID-19 situation was going to worsen the complicated financial situation of a certain number of students, the BSB Foundation acted swiftly in making available a solidarity fund amounting to €100,000. 55 “helping hand” scholarships were consequently awarded in June thanks to the considerable generosity of alumni and partners, around 20 of whom were very directly targeted at insecure cases caused by the health crisis. 

Eligibility for such a scholarship has been opened to 3rd-year students not enrolled at BSB next year but who suffered as a direct result of the crisis. A second commission will convene at the beginning of the new academic year for a handful of students awaiting a response or who should find themselves in difficulty at that moment in time. 

50 excellence scholarships for the BCE competitive entrance exam

In addition, the BSB Foundation is also attributing €11,000 excellence scholarships to the 50 top eligible applicants enrolled at BSB and having obtained a mark in excess of 12/20 at the BCE 2020 competitive entrance exam for preparatory class students, thereby enabling the recipients to fund their entire tuition fees for their first year of studies at the School. 

This scheme has been in place for a number of years and is designed to guarantee access to the Master of Management Grande Ecole programme for any student whose chances may be jeopardised for financial reasons. 

4 merit scholarships for the MBA Wine & Spirits Business

The School of Wine & Spirits Business (SWSB) is offering 4 merit scholarships to gifted students due to join the MBA Wine & Spirit Business at the beginning of the new academic year. These will be allocated selectively based on the decision of a panel of SWSB experts and according to the academic excellence of each applicant, their professional experience and an interview with the programme director. 

A “BSB Grand Cru” scholarship will amount to a 50% reduction on tuition fees, two “BSB Premier Cru” scholarships a 25% reduction and an exceptional scholarship a 10% reduction. 

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