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A video presentation of strong values and a manifesto devised by students, for students 

To reflect the importance of a system of values to a responsible manager, the need to drive projects with integrity, and be successful in business whilst respecting others, BSB students have just implemented  a new code of honour encapsulating the values of the whole School community. 

Drawn up by BSB students, this manifesto has been unveiled via a presentational video produced by students involved in the initiative. 

The BSB Code of Honour has been made official via the publication of 11 key statements that every student must commit to respect:

  • Commitment has meaning, I do what I say.
  • I will not remain passive and will take every opportunity to learn.
  • I have the right to make mistakes and will learn from them.
  • I decide if my actions are right and honest.
  • I am aware of the impact I have on society.
  • I would like my behaviour to be in accordance with the ecological and societal challenges we face.
  • I am committed to meaningful projects and will give myself the means to succeed.
  • I look to understand others and openly embrace difference.
  • I respect the ambitions of each and everyone.
  • I look out for others on a daily basis.
  • We all have qualities that we can share.

I wanted to destroy the myth that business school students are only motivated by money and have no sense of ethics” explains one of the students who participated in the writing of the BSB Code of Honour. “It seemed important to me to get involved in making official the values that I would like to see the School apply”.   

Jérémy Celse, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at BSB, provided support to the volunteering students along the way.

“BSB is a long-standing representative of the French education system and has always transmitted its very own values and way of thinking. This Code of Honour is precisely the expression of those values that we uphold or aim to have, with ethics playing very much a central part in our decision-making and thoughts. This also provides us with the means to show our commitment and encourage students to commit further still.”

View the BSB Code of Honour presentational video (french)

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