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Annuaire des professeurs

Publication Auteurs Type Année
Outreville, J-F. Macroeconomic issues and fallacies on vintages. European Association of Wine Economics, Enometrics XXIII, 25-28 mai 2016, Colmar, France.Jean-François OUTREVILLEConférences académiques2016
Outreville, J-F. Consumer Behavior: an experimental investigation of risk taking when buying wine. American Association of Wine Economists Annual Meeting, 21-26 juin 2016, Bordeaux, France.Jean-François OUTREVILLEConférences académiques2016
Lecat, B., Le Fur, E., Outreville, J-F. Consumer Risk Perception of Corked Wines. 22nd Annual Conference VDQS, 27-30 mai 2015, Brno, Tchèque (La République).Jean-François OUTREVILLEConférences académiques2015
Outreville, J-F. Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Conflict: an experimental investigation of consumer behavior and demand; Risk-taking when buying wine. WRIEC meeting , 2-6 août 2015, Munich, Allemagne.Jean-François OUTREVILLEConférences académiques2015
Outreville, J-F. Why Choose an Insurance Carrier? A comment. Insurance Economics, 2015, vol. 72, n°1-3, p. 8-10.Jean-François OUTREVILLEArticles dans des revues/supports digitaux professionnelles2015
Hilliard, J.I., Outreville, J-F. The Demand for Cash Balances by P/L Insurance Companies during the Financial Crisis. World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress (WRIEC), 2-6 août 2015, Munich, Allemagne.Jean-François OUTREVILLEConférences académiques2015