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Atwal, G., Bryson, D., Hulten, P. Antecedents of extreme negative affect within the luxury sector, Luxury & Counterfeit Issues. Challenges & Prospects, 9-10 juin 2011, Genève, Suisse.Glyn ATWAL Conférences académiques2011
Vladimir, V., Hulten, P., Atwal, G. Grocery Shopping in France And Sweden: Impact of Promotions on Impulse Purchasing. 11e International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, 24-27 mai 2011, Ljubljana, Slovénie.Glyn ATWAL Conférences académiques2011
Atwal, G., Khan, S., Von Gersdorff, J. Luxury Marketing Tactics & Strategies in Emerging Markets. World Brand Congress, 24-26 novembre 2011, Bombay, Inde.Glyn ATWAL Conférences professionnelles2011