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Lecat, B., Brouard, J., Chapuis, C. Fraud and counterfeit wines in France: an overview and perspectives. British Food Journal, 2017, vol. 119, n°1, p. 84-104.Claude Chapuis Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture2017
Lecat, B., Brouard, J., Chapuis, C. Lessons from the past (1822-1973): How did “Nicolas wine Merchant Chain” use promotion tools and luxury codes to grow over time?. 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference (GFMC), 6-7 juillet 2017, Vienna, Autriche.Claude Chapuis Conférences académiques2017
Lecat, B., Chapuis, C. Food and Wine Pairing in Burgundy: The Case of Grands Crus. Beverages , 2017, vol. 3, n°10, p. 1-26.Claude Chapuis Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture2017
Cogan-Marie, L., Charters, S.J., Fountain, J., Chapuis, C., Lecat, B. Is good wine enough? Place, reputation and wine tourism in Burgundy. In: Best Practices in Wine Tourism: 15 Case Studies from Around the World, New York: Miranda Press, 2016, p. 79-97.Claude Chapuis Chapitres d’ouvrages2016
Lecat, B., Chapuis, C., Brouard, J., Cogan-Marie, L. The Case of Cruse Affair for the Bordeaux Wines (Winegate) and Its Consequences on the Burgundy Wine Industry. Special issue on Understanding consumer expectations and reducing asymmetry between consumers and producers: a challenge for food producers in a monopolistic competition market. Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture, 2016, vol. 8, n°1, p. 25-30.Claude Chapuis Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture2016
Chapuis, C. Le terroir, un concept bourguignon. Pays de Bourgogne, 2016, vol. 247, p. 26-32.Claude Chapuis Articles dans des revues/supports digitaux professionnelles2016
Lecat, B., Chapuis, C., Brouard, J., Bizot, J-Y. Are Burgundy wines too cheap? An investigation on land prices, rent prices, tenant farming and wine price. 2015 Global Fashion Management Conference, Track Fashion, Design, Innovation and Wine Marketing, 25-28 juin 2015, Florence, Italie.Claude Chapuis Conférences académiques2015
Ballantyne, D., Chapuis, C., Lecat, B., Terblanche, N. Old world and new world wine concepts of terroir: Global thought leaders. Second bi-annual Wine Marketing: Innovations and Best Practices Conference, 11-12 juillet 2015, Brescia, Italie.Claude Chapuis Conférences professionnelles2015
Cogan-Marie, L., Chapuis, C., Charters, S.J., Lecat, B. Key drivers of success for wine tourism in Burgundy: A comparison between the Cote d'Or and Beaujolais. 9th Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists, 26-30 mai 2015, Mendoza, Argentine.Claude Chapuis Conférences académiques2015