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Vecco, M., Konrad, E. Die kraft der partnerschaft notwendigkeit oder luxus in den kulturellen und kreativen sektoren?, Dortmund : European Center for Creative Economy, 2017, 60 p.Marilena VECCOBooks2017
Vecco, M., Zanola, R. Don’t let the easy be the enemy of the good. Returns from art investments: What is wrong with it?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2017, vol. 140, p. 120-129.Marilena VECCOArticles in peer refereed journals2017
Vecco, M. Handcrafts, places and local development. Economia, Azienda e Sviluppo, 2017, p. 1-10.Marilena VECCOArticles in peer refereed journals2017
Vecco, M., Srakar, A. Participatory funding of cultural projects: case study of the BeArt platform . International conference "Participatory governance in culture: exploring practices, theories and policies - do it together, 22-24 novembre 2017, Rijeka, Croatie.Marilena VECCOPapers in Academic Conferences2017
Vecco, M., Srakar, A. Modelling cultural entrepreneurial regimes in Central and Eastern Europe: a symbolic data analysis approach. 43rd International Conference on Regional Science "International trade and employment: a regional perspective", 16-17 novembre 2017, Séville, Espagne.Marilena VECCOPapers in Academic Conferences2017
Mazuecos, B., Vecco, M. El Sistema del arte emergente en Andalucia. Cartografia discontinua de agentes y contextos de intermediacion. /The Emerging Contemporary Art Market in Andalusia. A discontinued cartography of interdmediary agents and contexts. 1ère éd., Seville : Laboratorio de las Artes, 2017, 196 p.Marilena VECCOBooks2017
Vecco, M., Srakar, A. Breaking Boundaries - Building Dimensional Relations. On why and how to include culture as a fourth dimension of sustainable development. In: Creative Economy Report 2017. 1ère éd., Genève: UNCTAD, 2017.Marilena VECCOBook chapters2017
Srakar, A., Slabe-Erker, R., Vecco, M. Economic effects of Venice Carnivals: An ex-post econometric verification approach. In: Cuffy, V. (coord.). Carnival, Culture & Tourism, Wallingford: CABI, 2017.Marilena VECCOBook chapters2017
Vecco, M. Deaccessioning and capitalisation in museums from an international perspective . Cultural Management: Science and Education, 2017, vol. 1, n°2, p. 17-32.Marilena VECCOArticles in peer refereed journals2017