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Annuaire des professeurs


PROFESSEUR ASSOCIE - Finance, Comptabilité, Droit

  • Département : Finance, Comptabilité, Droit
  • Équipe disciplinaire : Arts & Cultural Management (ACM)
  • Axe de recherche : Arts and Cultural Management
Publication Auteurs Type Année
Elena BORIN2020
Elena BORIN2020
Borin, E., Crepin, D. Crowdfunding for cultural heritage institutions: some insights from the French context. International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics , 5-7 juin 2019, Matera, Italie.Elena BORIN2019
Borin, E., Donato, F. European year of cultural heritage 2018: towards a new management approach to cultural heritage?. AIMAC 2019, 23-26 juin 2019, Venise, Italie.Elena BORIN2019
Borin, E., Cervellati, E.M., Sinapi, C. Which Behavioral Biases Lead Entrepreneurs in SMEs in the Cultural and Creative Sector to be Discouraged Borrowers?. AIMAC 2019, 23-26 juin 2019, Venise, Italie.Elena BORIN2019
Borin, E. New concepts for sustainable tourism development: diversity as key component of cultural tourism development in Venice and the Venetian region. ENCATC Annual Congress, 2-5 octobre 2019, Dijon, France.Elena BORIN2019
Borin, E. Changing paradigms in cultural heritage education: an ecosystem perspective. In: Balzani, M., Jain, M., Rossato, L. (coord.). Between History and Memory, the Blue Jodhpur. Experiences of integrated documentation and survey techniques, SantarcangeElena BORIN2019
Borin, E. Le Consortium: leadership in times of change. In: Leadership roles and styles in the management of cultural and creative industries organizations, Kunnskapsverket (Knowledge Works National centre for cultural industries), 2019.Elena BORIN2019
Elena BORIN2019