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Annuaire des professeurs

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Borin, E. Chair session : "Diversity for sustainable development in cities and regions" (ENCATC Annual Congress, du 2 au 5 octobre 2019, Dijon, France), 2019, Dijon, France.Elena BORIN Autres contributions2019
Elena BORIN2019
Borin, E. Sustainable Tourism Development: Some Proposals for Dealing with Over-tourism in Cultural Destinations. Annual Symposium of Routes towards Sustainability University Network, 8 novembre 2019, Ferrare, Italie.Elena BORIN2019
Borin, E. The role of heritage in sustainable models of development: the case of Burgundy. International Symposium of Routes towards Sustainability "Cultures and Local Practices of Sustainability. Intersecting Multiple Footprints and the Environmental HumaElena BORIN2018
Borin, E., Maietti, F., Rossato, L. Education to cultural heritage survey and representation for preservation: the case study of Jodhpur the ?blue city?, India. 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, 12-15 juin 2018, Granada,Elena BORIN2018
Borin, E., Rossato, L., Chang, S. International approaches for education to cultural heritage in Global South countries. ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy, 26-29 septembre 2018, Bucharest, Roumanie.Elena BORIN2018
Vecco, M., Srakar, A. Enhancing the potential of cultural entrepreneurship: Connecting regional development and performance of cultural firms in Europe. In: Innerhofer, E., Pechlaner, H., Borin, E. (coord.). Entrepreneurship in Culture and Creative IndustrElena BORIN2018
Borin, E., Donato, F., Sinapi, C. Financial sustainability of Small- and Medium- Sized Enterprises in the Cultural and Creative Sector: The role of Funding. In: Entrepreneurship in Culture and Creative Industries. Perspectives from Companies and Regions, BElena BORIN2018
Borin, E., Pechlaner, H., Innerhofer, E. Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship as Drivers for Change and Development. In: Entrepreneurship in Cultural and Creative Industries: Perspectives from companies and regions, Berlin: Springer, 2018, p. 1-8.Elena BORIN2018