Annuaire des professeurs - Burgundy School Of Business

Annuaire des professeurs

Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD

PROFESSEUR ASSOCIE - Marketing Management

  • Département : Marketing
  • Équipe disciplinaire : Marketing (MKG)
  • Axe de recherche : Finance-Gouvernance-RSE
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD
Publication Auteurs Type Année
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD2020
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD Autres contributions2019
Chaboud, M-C., Biot-Paquerot, G. Assessing crowdfunding projects sustainability aspect: can a Balanced Scorecard approach help debunking window dressing?. 6th Critical and Alternative Approaches to Governance (CAAG) Workshop, 11-12 juin 2019, Barcelone, EsMathieu-Claude CHABOUD2019
Chaboud, M-C., Biot-Paquerot, G., Ashta, A. The collaborative economy and the Human: Reality versus expectations in platform based social funding. 19th EURAM Conference "Exploring the Future of Management", 26-28 juin 2019, Lisbonne, Portugal.Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD2019
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD2019
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD2019
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD2018
Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD Articles dans des revues/supports digitaux professionnelles2018
Chaboud, M-C., Caseau, C. Crowdfunding as a Communicational Innovation. Microfinance Insight Forum 20, 1er-2 mars 2018, Dijon, France.Mathieu-Claude CHABOUD2018