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Annuaire des professeurs

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Cogan-Marie, L., Chapuis, C., Charters, S.J., Lecat, B. Key drivers of success for wine tourism in Burgundy: A comparison between the Cote d'Or and Beaujolais. 9th Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists, 26-30 mai 2015, Mendoza, ArgentinStephen John CHARTERS Conférences académiques2015
Capitello, R., Agnoli, L., Charters, S.J., Begalli, D. Terroir in a bottle: Segmenting consumer choices in Generation Y. . 2015 World Marketing Congress, 14-18 juillet 2015, Bari, Italie.Stephen John CHARTERS Conférences académiques2015
Capitello, R., Agnoli, L., Charters, S.J., Begalli, D. Role of expected and lived experiences in shaping place image. . 8th Euromed Conference, 16-18 septembre 2015, Verona, Italie.Stephen John CHARTERS Conférences académiques2015
Menival, D., Fountain, J., Charters, S.J. The evolution of French wine consumers ‘perception of a high reputation wine: the role of wine tourism in the territorial brand “Champagne”. . 2nd workshop on Gastronomy and Local Development: ‘Quality of products,Stephen John CHARTERS Conférences académiques2015
Velikova, N., Charters, S.J., Bouzdine-Chameeva, T., Fountain, J., Ritchie, C., Dodd, T. Seriously pink: A cross-cultural comparison of consumer preferences, perceptions and attitudes towards rosé wine. International Journal of Wine Business Research, 2015Stephen John CHARTERS Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture2015
Cogan-Marie, L., Charters, S.J. How can wine tourism reinforce the attractiveness of an underdeveloped region? The special case of the Jura. 7th International Wine Tourism Conference, 8-9 avril 2015, Reims, France.Stephen John CHARTERS Conférences professionnelles2015
Wilson, D., Ingham, M., Charters, S.J. Innovation management in the wine sector. In: Vrontis, D., Sakka, G., Amikhanpour, M. (coord.). Management innovation, entrepreneurship and human resource management practices: a global perspective, Newcastle-upon-TynStephen John CHARTERS Chapitres d’ouvrages2015
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Chapuis, C., Charters, S.J. La nature du vin. In: Economie et management du vin, Paris: Pearson, 2014, p. 15-26.Stephen John CHARTERS Chapitres d’ouvrages2014