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Annuaire des professeurs


PROFESSEUR EXPERT - School of Wine & Spirits Business

  • Département : Wine & Spirits
  • Équipe disciplinaire : Wine & Spirit Business (WS)
  • Axe de recherche : Wine & Spirits
Publication Auteurs Type Année
David MENIVAL2019
Ringeval-Deluze, A., Menival, D., Ditter, J.G. L'enjeu de la marque territoriale Champagne face aux changements des entrepreneurs institutionnels. 25th EuAWE Conference - European Association of Wine Economists, 23-25 mai 2018, Dijon, France.David MENIVAL2018
Capitello, R., Charters, S.J., Menival, D. The Wine Value Chain in China: Consumers, Marketing and the Wider World, London : Elsevier, 2017, 299 p.David MENIVAL Ouvrages2017
Menival, D., Charters, S.J. How can you improve the reputation of a territorial brand?. 10th International Conference of the Academy of Wine Business Research, 25-28 juillet 2017, Sonoma, Etats-Unis.David MENIVAL2017
Capitello, R., Agnoli, L., Charters, S.J., Begalli, D. Wine as a dimension of city image: Preferences of Chinese tourists for an old world wine destination. In: The Wine Value Chain in China: Consumers Marketing and the Wider World, Kidlington: Elsevier, 2David MENIVAL2016
Menival, D., Kunc, M., Charters, S.J. Values for one value: the challenge of collective brands. Application to the Champagne industry. 9th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, 26-29 mai 2016, Brighton, Royaume-Uni.David MENIVAL2016
David MENIVAL2016
Menival, D., Fountain, J., Charters, S.J. Can wine tourism accelerate the luxury image for a wine region? Application to the French Wines to the Chinese market. 10th AAWE Conference, 21-25 juin 2016, Bordeaux, France.David MENIVAL2016
David MENIVAL2015